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High Resolution – Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (HR-NMR- 600) with Solid State facility

High Resolution – Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (HR-NMR- 600) with Solid State facility

Make: Bruker India Scientific
Model: Avance Neo 600 MHz

AVANCE NEO 600 MHz NMR Spectrometer

  • NMR Spectroscopy will be primarily used to determine the structure of known/unknown molecules in solution as well as in solid state.
  • It will also be used for the determination of purity and harmful components of various stuff of daily use such as foods, dyes, detergents, soaps, fats, oils and polymers.
  • Spectra can be obtained for most solids, e.g., Pharmaceuticals, Polymers, batteries, crystallography, glasses and biosolids. It will also help in characterizing new catalysts, membranes, proteins etc.
  • Fine spectroscopic technique to determine the molecular structure.
  • In addition to conventional solution state measurement this particular instrument can be used to determine the structure in solid state.
  • Solid state measurement can of tremendous help to pharmaceutical industries, electrochemistry and life sciences related studies.
  • Large variety of deuterated NMR solvents and state of the art analysis software are available for better spectra.
  • Experienced and well-trained personnel take care of the instruments.

Required Samples :-

5-10 mg of sample needed for 1H NMR

20-40 mg of sample needed for  13C NMR

Form Application :-

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User Charges :-

  User Charges
Services Description / Analysis Type / Description Technology RUN TIME BHU & Start-Ups Other Academic Institution, R&D Labs, MSMEs Large Industrial Establishment

Individual Measurment 

13C (256-512 scans), 11B, 19

per sample 120 240 480

NMR based Experiments

Experiments up to two-hour (per 60 min) 2D (COSY/ HSQC/ HMBC/

60 MIN 600 1200 2400

NMR based Experiments

Experiments longer than two hours*

30 MIN 200 500 1000

Individual Measurment

1H (8-16 scans) Sample preference (3-8 mg)

per sample 60 120 240
Note :- 18% GST is applicable with user charges.

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