NABL Accredited Testing Laboratory Vide Certificate Number TC-12810

Photoacoustic Imaging Platform

Make: Fuji Film Visual Sonic

Model: Vevo LAZR_X

It will be used for:

  • Small animal imaging for brain function and quantification and assessment of oxy and deoxy- hemoglobin.
  • Pathological thrombus leading to heart attack and stroke.
  • In vivo, real- time, co- registered visualization of nanoparticles in anatomical images. Development of multifunctional and multicomplexed nanoparticles.
  • Multispectral acquisition for imaging multiple components simultaneously.
  • Non-invasive for longitudinal studies
  • Co-registration with detailed ultrasound anatomical images.
  • Real-time assessment of functional data such as oxygen saturation, contrast agent distribution, pharmacokinetics and more Fusion of ultrasound with nonlinear contrast, Doppler and photoacoustic modes

Required Samples :-

Form Application :-

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User Charges :-

  User Charges
Services Description / Analysis Type / Description Technology RUN TIME BHU & Start-Ups Other Academic Institution, R&D Labs, MSMEs Large Industrial Establishment

User Charges per 60 min

60 MIN 1000 2000 4000

Phantom Imaging of Drug/ Dye one No. of Sample.

per sample 2000 4000 8000
Note :- 18% GST is applicable with user charges.

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