NABL Accredited Testing Laboratory Vide Certificate Number TC-12810


Sophisticated Analytical & Technical Help Institute (SATHI) has been created at Banaras Hindu University (BHU) with the generous support of the Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of India (GoI). SATHI-BHU is a professionally managed facility which is expected to provide quantum leap to its innovative & translational research outputs. To cater to the needs of Indian Industries, SATHI-BHU is providing globally acceptable analytical services related to drug discovery, testing food, nutraceuticals, drugs, biologicals and materials under NABL accreditation vide certificate no TC-12810. SATHI-BHU facility is the major attraction of an interdependent ecosystem in the state-of-the-art Central Discovery Center (CDC), a six-floor building to nurture innovation, entrepreneurship & start-ups under one roof. SATHI-BHU provides centralized facilities, guidance and hand-holding support for promoting innovation at BHU. We are committed to train the motivated researchers of other institutions of the region to make optimal use of our facilities. This initiative brings a great opportunity for the researchers, technocrats and science-based entrepreneurs of the region to develop and deploy new technologies to provide high quality analytical services which will mitigate our industries dependence on foreign institutions and we can contribute in the India’s “Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan”. The revenue generated through quality service provider will be used for running the facilities in a self-sustaining manner. BHU has procured the instruments and appointed the staff sanctioned by DST (Rs.115 Cr. Non-recurring and Rs.10 Cr. recurring amount) for the creation of SATHI-BHU, which has been transferred to SATHI Foundation, BHU (a Section 8, not for profit company) for the professional management of the SATHI-BHU centre with a view to provide the best-in-class services to the users of our facility. SATHI-BHU may hire external agency/expert on contract for the optimal and efficient utilization of the major equipment facilities. NABL accreditation is taken for the instruments required for providing analytical and certification services to the industry. SATHI-BHU is organizing awareness and training programs to sensitize the potential users of the facility so as to encourage them to use it. It also connects the potential user with the experts in the BHU related to each instrument. SATHI-BHU will also initiate a degree and diploma course on instrumentation to develop skilled manpower for the operation of high-end state of the art equipment in the country.

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